Hello world!

I finally decided to created a wordpress blog for blogging. Yahhh! 😀

I used to blog on my own website (ntxhaisHMOOB) host by weebly. However, I decided that it would be better to put my own personal random interests in a completely new blog instead. So here I am. I definitely will try to see if I can move my old blog here. If not then will just link back to it.

What get me start here is because I was watching “My Fair Wedding with David Tutera” on WE. On one of the episode’s theme was “Shabby Chic” and it give me a instant great idea how wonderful it would be to have a Hmong Chic wedding. Altho I still have a long, long, long way to get there, I’m fascinated by the idea of what will be consider as a Hmong Chic, or Hmong Chic items.

I am such a Hmong gal at heart but at the same time, I enjoy the modern life style of the mainstream. So here is where I’m dedicated this blog to every things I love, as well as things I’m get fascinated by, quotes, fashion, life styles, random thoughts, videos, images captures from my daily life,  along with many of the amazing ideas I think will fit into my category as “HMONG CHIC”.

Feel free to contact me. I love to hear from you. 😀


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