Hmong Chic Wedding Style

Okay, you probably wonder what would a Hmong Chic be consist of?

When I think in term of what would fall into the Hmong Chic category, I think in term of mixing a little Hmong flavor into the modern styles fashion.

The idea instantly makes me think of an  images I came across a while back online. It was an image of a Hmong lady who has a American wedding; her dress has a mixture of Hmong fabric tied around her waist. When I saw it, I thought…hmm, what a great idea to show your sense of pride being a Hmong woman by reflecting it through an important milestone in your life; especially through an American wedding.

Below is the images…Cute and fashionable, just soo Hmong Chic! 😀



“a custom made, one shoulder over-lay with Hmong traditional color fabric ‘pink/red & green’ – ‘siv’ sash”

Just an idea what I think Hmong Chic should be consider of.  Share your ideas or images along with anything you come across. I love to hear from you. 😀

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