Papaya Salad

tumblr_lufmojsy531qiushyo1_400Papaya salad anyone?

My two lovely sisters was craving for some papaya salad and brought this for last night dinner. It was sooo yummi for the tummi.

What is papaya, you may ask?

Papaya salad is a side dish originate from South East Asia; mostly from Laos and Thailand. This dish depend on where the region you are from as well and on the person who make it because the ingredients can be change to suit the person who will be eating.

From the Thai region, this is how the ingredients will be consist of  “The meal is quite simple to make. The main ingredients are shredded green papaya, chopped green beans, tomoato, dried prawns, unsalted roasted peanuts, chillies, garlic and lime juice. These are all pounded together in a mortar using a pestle.”  This dish is mostly served with sticky rice.



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