Hmong Cakes

Hmong Cakes by Fhoua are amazing! This is exactly what I would label as Hmong Chic Styles. Adding Hmong into the fashion and make it tasteful to the eyes.

I don’t know if “Cakes by Fhoua” is still existed but I came across these image online years ago. Since I am trying to put an idea of what Hmong Chic Style will consist of, I went back to search engine to google and trance back the images and found these images to be listed at a cake site and Hmong National Conference website.

The first time I saw these cakes years ago, I fall in love instant with them. It’s so unique and it reflect so much of the Hmong culture; it’s bright, tasteful and add that extra touch to a cake.

“black umbrella symbolizes a marriage [united two as one, protection] in the Hmong culture…The black and white stripe material is a part of the woman’s hat .. the hat is worn at a wedding or the Hmong New Year.”

For these two cake below, I’m not quiet sure if it’s by Fhoua too or not because it was loaded to cake central by a different user name.

“Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. This cake represents traditional hmong male clothing. The top is a hat. The bottom cake represents the shirt and the criss cross pattern is worn across the chest which has beads and silver coins. The “ribbon” is a sash worn across the waist.”

Source: 12th Hmong National Conference | cake central |


4 thoughts on “Hmong Cakes

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for writing about my previousworks of art ! I feel truly honored today that people like you still love what I did years ago. If you’d like to know what I’ve been up to, feel free to email me. again, thank you!

    • I’m glad you found my post! Thank you for letting me know and for sharing your facebook link. That definitely will help others and me to located for more “Hmong Cake” ideas in case we ever wants to order them for future events.

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