Lunar New Year Dinner

By working as a School Readiness Liaison with Mutual Assistance Network (MAN) of DelPaso Heights in North Sacramento, I was giving the opportunity to experience some uniqueness where I don’t think I can ever done them else where.

Tonight was the 10th Annual Lunar New Year Dinner for ARI (Asia Resource Inc.) located in Sacramento. Each year, they would host a dinner event to recognize the hard work of each individual and have table sponsor for local organization to support them by sponsoring the table. Each table has 10 seats. Dinner will served along with it as well as entertainment. The event was host at California States University of Sacramento, at the Union Building.

This year is quite different from last year. I was able to attend both years since this year going to be my second year working for MAN. Last year dinner was at Happy Garden Restaurant; served with 12 course meals total as I had counts from the beginning of a simple salad to the final dessert, orange. For this year, there were arts such as paintings, crafts, sculptures and purses along with destination trips set up on the left side of the room for auction.  The price range from $175 at the lowest to $5,00o at the max; if I can recall correctly. On the far right, there were sushi along with wine served for people to socialize and mingle with one another. People who attended this event seem to be middle working class people who has a good well paid career. Some of them are political people such as the major Kevin Johnson (he was there too), executive director of some sort of organizations, program mangers and so forth.

I also saw a few familiar faces from the Hmong community too.

As I witness the event and obvious people in the room, I realize that these people are middle class people who only mingle with people of their class. In order to go to an event like this, one must either know the right people or work their butt off to have a good career. It motivated me a lots and I said to myself, I’m making my way up there. If I continues to do what I do, finish my education and put myself on the right path, my future is looking brights. Altho they are educated people and well known for some of their career, I never doubts my capability; because at the age of 26 and I’m already in the pool of these  people who are probably in their 40s+, I’m not doing so bad.

Attending events and putting oneself out there to experience new things, explore the work fied, network with people…it’s truly an amazing experience I NEVER take for granted but to learn the better values of these experiences; continue to do better and improve on a daily base for my own self grain.


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