Birthday, Olive Garden

Just wanna blog about my dining at Olive Garden last night with my high school friend Sia and her sister, cousins. It’s her 27th birthday. Happy Birthday to Sia! May all your wishes come true! I have a good time.

One of the many things I enjoy being a single lady is dress up and dine with sisters, family and friends on special occasion like birthdays or just a ladies night out on the town. I only lived once and before getting hitch, I needs to experience as many of those finer things in life as much as I can. Life is too short not to explore the world and experience it.

I had been known for being a foods collector. You will start to notices that I will take random pic of my foods on a daily base where I go dine at or whether it’s home make cook meal. I always see that food is one of the beautiful things to life. We constantly have to eat, feed ourselves in order to lived and growth. Who doesn’t love food right? Especially when they are so tasting and yummi; you just cannot said NO.

Below is what I have at Olive Garden.

New red wine at Oliver garden...for customer to sample (the one on the left)'s not all that. I have taste better red wine.
On the's R0scato Berry Splah, fruity red roscato wine mixed with strawberry, lime and mint. Yummi!!! 😀

Zuppa Toscana Soup and Olive Garden Bread.

Parmesan Crusted Shrimp @ Olive Garden
"Grilled Shrimp topped with a toasted parmesan crust, served with crescent-shaped ravioli filled with cheese and tossed with tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms in a seafood vino bianco sauce.


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