Networking is such a beautiful things; especially when you can meet people from all walks of life and the expertise they specialize in. Recently, like a month ago, I encountered a new friend through a friend/family of mine on facebook. He happen to be a professional DJ. As of right now, he DJ for CRUSH 29 Restaurant & Bar located in Roseville California and the new club in town called Splash located in central downtown Sacramento California.

Last night, he DJ at CRUSH 29 so he ask if I wants to go support him and check out the place. I agreed to go because I definitely love to see what’s new in town or places that I haven’t been too. I text a few friends and three of them agreed to go. I offer to pick them up since it’s like almost 20 mins drive from North Sacramento which make CRUSH like a 40 mins drive from where I lived, Elk Grove. With that said, one of the friend who agreed to go with me to CRUSH is a new friend whom I have encounter through online a while back; about 6 months ago. She was from Minnesota and recently move to Sacramento. I been wanting to meet her in person and thought it would be a great idea to invited her to mingle with me and the rest the friends.

Upon our arrival at the place, there wasn’t much car park outside. I guess I was expecting the parking lot to be like the club where it’s pack…lolz. The outside seating was gorgeous; nice seating area lighted with candle and small lights. We enter through the door and the host told us that we can seated any where; without directing us to a table or at the bar since  (I guess) it was like a bar environment atmosphere at night. My DJ friend was at the front. We went up to his DJing area to greet him. His gf was also there; such a gorgeous woman ( I can see why he is attractive to her; she is such a hotties; He he he ). He intro us to her then we went and grab a table. Since three of us haven’t eat anything yet, we start to order drinks and foods. The food there that evening was a decent price and tast really yummi to the tummi.

CRUSH 29 is a very elegant and formal place setting. I would definitely recommend this place for a dates place because of the environment. I don’t know how dinner foods are like or how favorable it is but the environment is well worth it to bring a date there and try it out. The point is exploring life together, right?

By the time we Left the place, it was around 12:15am midnight.

I always love girls night out. We gets to talk about many things; catching up with everything…like life, school, work, family, other friends who can’t never come to a girl’s night out (lolz), and then our love life involving THE GUY(S)! The best part of all these is dress up, looking all gorgeous  and dine; experiencing the better things in life. Makes time for it cause if you don’t, you will NEVER have time for it.

Until my next foods post, enjoy the pictures below. 🙂

Thanks for coming to hang out with me on such a short notices. I always have a great time with ya. And it was great to finally meet a new friends. Muah* ♥

Spring Fling Martini...$3 Lady's drink...Mmmm, soo good. I drink two of these last night. 🙂
Crush 29 Restaurant and Bar, Roseville

Spicy "Lollipop" Chicken Wings
Looks really elegant for a total price of $5 only. What a deal! 😀

Pulled Pork Sliders

Napa Peach Pizza,
Mmmm...sooo good! lolz

Fennel Sausage & Pesto Pizza

Artichoke, Dungeness Crab and Shrimp Dip


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