Miss Asia Sacramento 2012

As I mention in my bio that I enjoy giving back to the local community through volunteer work, I was given the opportunity to be the Contestants Coordinator for Miss Asia Sacramento Scholarship Foundation, LLC this year. This year is the second year or second events which I have been a part of this pageant. The pageant is located in central Sacramento; at WoodLake Hotel formerly known as Radisson Hotel this April 7, 2o12.

The Miss Asia Sacramento Pageant event door open at 6:30pm for the guests to arrived. However, as for the staffs, their schedule start at 9am that morning; setting the stage, seating, vip rooms, arranging flowers, dressing room, table in the lobby hall way for sponsors to display their materials. The contestant arrived at 12pm noon for interview. After interview and platform speech with the judges, they move into a final rehearsal on the stage by wearing their outfits for each round. 4pm is when the rehearsal is done and the contestant get their make up and hair done ready for the pageant show to start at 7pm.

There are a total of 5 rounds in the competition:

  1. Ethic
  2. Swim suit wear/physical fitness wear
  3. Talent (optional)
  4. Evening
  5. Questioning
  6. Crowning

This year Queens and their courts:

 Miss Asia Sacramento 2012 Queen and Court
2012 Queen: Judy Lee, Miss Popularity
1st princess: Jenny Bolton
2nd princess: Christina Sohyun Lee, Miss Community Service
3rd princess: Samantha Termizi
4th princess: Kalai Lam, Miss Congeniality & Miss Scholastic Acheivement

Miss Asia Sacramento 2012 Teen Queen and Court
2012 Teen Queen: Michelle Thach, Miss Photogenic, Miss Talent, Katie Cramer Award
1st princess: Rica Zhang, Miss Scholastic Achievement
2nd princess: Brook Zhan, Miss Community Service
3rd princess: Jamie Bautista, Miss Congeniality

Congrats to the new QUEENS 2012 Miss Asia Sacramento is Judy Lee and 2012 Miss Teen Asia Sacramento is Michelle Thach! And also our princesses and contestants. You each did a wonderful job and makes me very proud. WELL DONE! Always remember that whether you lose or win, you ARE always a beauty to the eyes of the beholder and this is a steping stone to many great achievement as well as adventure to come. Dreams doesn’t stop here. Let this be an amazing experience to last a life time and as the starting point for wonderful things to come. With much love. ♥

Many think that being in a pageant is not difficult but if you have not been a pageant contestant before then you will never know the hardship someone has put into competing in a pageant. I encourage every girls to competed and get the experience. It’s well worth it! It’s A life time lasting memory!

Former Miss Asia Sacramento 2011 Queen Namy Herr,
Miss Asia Sacramento 2012 Queen Judy Lee,
Miss Teen Asia Sacramento 2012 Queen Michelle Thach,
Former Miss Teen Asia Sacramento 2011 Queen Christina

Miss Asia Sacramento 2012- Judy Lee (left)
Miss Teen Asia Sacramento 2012- Michelle Thach (right)
Source: http://www.facebook.com/kmleedesignphotography

Visiting Courts from other pageants with the Miss Asia Sacramento former and current Queens


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