My Amazing Friend

This past Christmas, my very good dear friend has gave me two jewelry rings as Christmas gift; wishing for me to find love in the coming year (2012). Now a flower ring to reinforce that blessing.

After 5-6 LONG LONG LONG years of knowing each other and she finally give me a flower ring after given me a flower bridal bouquet! And in my heart, I have always said YES! lolz

She is such an amazing friend, woman and person in my life. Who had always go out of her way to fill my days with wonderful things and kind love, care and joy. Every step of the way in my love life, she had always charm me and bring me blessing…blessing me to scored with the next man who walk into my life… lolz. Her little thoughts of me in every possible creative way is priceless. I cannot be more blessful than to have her as a friend in my life. Thank you to your unconditional friendship, love and care. I will forever treasure those moments I have spend together with you through our friendship and you will always have a place in my heart regardless where the future takes us to different part of the earth.

She just turn 25 on Monday (April 9, 2012). I haven’t got the time to take her out to dinner or do anything special to celebrated her birthday with her. We both are busy individual and many things has happen in our life which we both feel the needs to vent and needed a talk with one another. So tonight, we both went to dinner at Royal Casino located in north Sacramento; where inside there is a small restaurant.

Dinner is always tasting and lovely each time when spend with her. I hope for many more to come before she get hitch…lolz. If she ever get hitch, it’s going to be bittersweet but at the same time sad cause no more “girls’ night out”. All in all, JUST happi tears and joy for her. 🙂

WISHING YOU A HAPPI HAPPI HAPPI BIRTHDAY babi girl! May 2012 bring YOU much joy, excitement, and happiness as you has bring to me.

Muah* ♥ Love you very much!

"White Gummi Bear" Cocktail drink
A toast to our friendship and many awesome adventures to come! 🙂


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