The Future is so Promising

“Isn’t it wonderful to have your life on track or back on track regardless all the downfall? One little achievement a day, at a time…Today, I feel like the future is so promising at my end.”

The past few years since my mother pass away has really drained energy out of me. Blaming life on the lost of my mother would be completely wrong but portion of it because of me; for losing hopes for the futures  and lacking the motivation to strive for my passion, goals and dreams in life.

I’m sure everyone has their ups and downs through life and there are so many obstacles been thrown at each of you. However, it is the will of the individual to refrain themselves, restore the energy back to them, redefine who they are and the passion or purpose in life in order for them to continues to pursue their dreams or goals. I praised people who are strong and brave because they have the strengths and courage to pull themselves up from the many down fall. They know the happy side where they once was and wants to bring that sense of happiness or sunshine back into their life once again.

There are times/days when I am so drained from work, school and life that I completely wants to give up from pursuing whatever goals I set myself for. Then I think of the people who I encountered daily on the jobs and those thoughts put energy back to me. I get the opportunity to served the community through a program called Americorps as a School Readiness Liaison for a nonprofit organization in the social services field where we deals with families who has children age 0-5. I was a little more fortunate than them and to give up on myself when I have the chance to do something better will be selling myself short. I said this because some families are lacking resources and if not able to extended their knowledge and surrounding, their children will be stuck in the same cycle as them. Seeing what I encountered on the job allow me to better understand people and have empathy for them because I cannot imagine what the families or individual is going through. Every little things we gets to witness does really shape our views and thoughts daily without paying close attention to the small details it’s affecting us.

As I mention before, getting oneself back on track and working harder then before towards a main goal is such a beautiful things to me. Something happen to me today through the thought of wanting to test where it will get me to when I know the possibly of not going to happen is there. With the determination to see if luck was in my favorites and if the time extended has change from a longer length to a shorten one. In my favorite, I was approve and doesn’t have to wait for September to come around. Sigh* I have been having tough luck and to see this happen is a blessing. Altho 2012 has throw many disappointments and curve balls at me, it’s been a rewarding years in many way so far. I’m picking myself up from every down falls I had put myself into the past, move forward with a stronger spirit, with more passion for life than before. I’m an ambitious and optimistic person who doesn’t quit easy. With every little improvement at a time, I can see the future is worth promising for a brighter day to come with tons of joy, excitement and happiness waiting for me to witness among those I love and care.


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