My Brother

“We crashed heads often as siblings, but when it comes down to it I know you’re willing to sacrifice anything for me. I hope things are going well with work and school. you’re an aspired young women, it’s just a matter of time to make it happen. hold yourself accountable for the things you believe in. :)” ~ Thong Vang (my second youngest brother)

I am blessed to have such wonderful and amazing siblings who always have the sincere thought of me.

The quote above was taken from my Facebook wall post. He post it on my wall. I guess he has been stress out a bit lately and tonight, he wrote each of his siblings (us) a comment post on each of our wall.

Thong has become such a wise young man and a responsible one too. He has grown so much over the years and I am very proud of the young man he has become.  He is currently a college student, a freshman, at UC Santa Cruz. This kid is passionate and always caring, wanting to do more to better others as well as inspire them. When he was in high school, he was involved in many school activity; joins clubs, sports and maintain his grades. I know that we have been harsh on the younger siblings but by seeing the person they have become makes us extremely proud. All the hard work of being the older siblings is pay off, you can said. He is a bright kids and he has a bright future ahead of him.

Don’t be stress and know that we, your siblings, love you a lots and wants you to succeed!!! I BELIEVED IN YOU! ♥

I am extremely thankful for my mother’s precious gift. She has given me six wonderful, caring and loving siblings that nothing in this world can ever replace. Thank you for each of yours unconditional love, support, and encouragement.

What is life likes growing up with your siblings? your bonding? Feel free to share your story through the comment section. I likes to hear from you.


3 thoughts on “My Brother

  1. This is really nice(:
    Thong is actually my mentor . It’s true , he likes to inspire people and make better for others .
    Although im only a junior in high school , he’s helping me with ideas for college already because for college , i wanted to go to UC Santa Cruz too .
    I actually reached out to him after i met him when we shared booths together at Sacramento New Year .
    When i had saw UC Santa Cruz out there promoting the college . I was truly inspired because i was out there trying to
    promote my high school’s hmong club also . After i had spoken with Thong about it , he really encouraged me
    to keep working hard . I have been stressing alot to because im basically running my hmong club by myself .
    No ones helping me && its really hard but Thong was there for me , to help motivate me to keep it up .
    I really look up to Thong , not just as a mentor , but as my own older brother too . I havent spoken to him in several days because he’s been really busy .
    But i hope all is well for him(:

    – Anna Vang

    • I’m glad he was able to reach out to you! Thong is a bright kid and always willing to help. He is doing well…just a busy time of the year for final, and the holiday is around the corner that kept everyone busy.

      Anna, feel free to stop by my blog any time and possibly follow me on the blog for update. Take care of yourself, hun.


      • I would love to follow youu .
        && yes Thong has been really helpful to me .
        I love how he is a determined person .
        He motivates me to work harder && i really appreciate it .
        Thank youu && take care also ! (:


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