So well written! I love love love it! I’m a hopeless romance. I hope for one day, a man is able to treat me in every possible ways just like this written piece of writing.

Simply Solo: Single girl starting over - follow the journey

Transform my life. Make me struggle to remember the world before you – before us.

Listen to my hopes and help me build my dreams. Convince me I’m as beautiful as you say I am.

Reassure me when I’m scared, insecure, doubtful or untrusting. The past is powerful, but it doesn’t have to define me. I won’t let it.

Hold my hand at the doctor. Play with my hair as I fall asleep. Take me for ice cream even when you don’t want any.

Be everything he wasn’t. Be all the good things he was.

Surprise me. Wait, don’t surprise me. Be dependable, trustworthy and totally unsurprising.

Kiss me. Have no ulterior motives or intentions, but to simply kiss me.

Demonstrate passion. For your work, your family, your life. For me.

Promise you’ll never hurt me, lie to me or cause me pain.

Keep your promises.

Tell me you…

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