The Crown in Your Heart

On Friday April 20, 2012… The director of Miss Asia Sacramento Scholarship Foundation hosted a MAS Staffs Appreciation dinner at Heat Shabu Baru (Japanese Fondue [Shabu Shabu] Restaurant) located in mid Sacramento.

I arrived there earlier then I thought. For once I was early…lolz; arriving on time has been a problem at my end and I had been trying to make extra effort to be on time on my daily life. I would said I didn’t make really good progress on it because 2-3 times out of my work day, I’m always like 5 mins behind. Shame on me! 😦 Anyway, the 2012 queens were there waiting as well which they told me I was a bit too early and the director isn’t there yet because the Queens suppose to help the director set up the table before the staffs arrived.

I decided to chat with the queens for a bit then went back out of the restaurant to obvious the landscape outside Heat Shabu Baru Restaurant. There were seats and a fountain with waters and vines. I thought it was quite the entrance area. 10 mins later, the rest of the staffs arrived and we wait outside the entrance area while the table was being prep by the director and the two queens.

After the table was set, we were invited inside the restaurant by the queens and went to our table. Each of our name was print on a tiny glitter frame and place in front of a seat with a tiny gift bag. I thought it was simple, sweet and very chic elegant for dinner. It makes the table setting change from it’s normal looking at the restaurant.

The foods that night order by the director to served the staffs was something different I have not eat/try before. I believed she order the “AMERICAN KOBE BEEF” main course where it come with “assorted vegetables, noodles, rice, & green tea ice cream”. I can tell you that it was a great experience and I definitely will bring family and friends there again to try the food as well as witness the different dining experience. If you want to see the restaurant setting photo, feel free to visit their site with the link provided above. Also they have their menu on the website as well and you can get a preview of what kind of food is served there. And most important, if you want to know how people’s experience is like at the restaurant, go to “” and used the site to check the comments and how many stars other rated the restaurant.

Beside the many conversations the staffs and I have that night, I was given a gift of appreciation.  I was given a tiara tonight at the MAS Staffs Application Dinner by Miss Asia Sacramento Director in appreciation of my hard work and most importantly, for having the encourage to participated in a pageant in the past. I was a Miss Hmong California contestant 2008-2009 and earned the Miss Congeniality Award among my peers.  I “Thank you” for a simple gift with a HUGE meaning. It will be a token I will cherish for as long as I can breath.

Always remember that…Whether you win the crown/title or not, it’s really the crown in your heart that makes you the winner at all time. THAT, I have come to learn and continues to do what I’m capable of doing through passionately helping others. I wore the crown in my heart and not on my head because I want to give to others what I have learned and gained for being a contestant in a pageant. The experience share with other is worth the reward and nothing can ever replace. NEVER EVER stop helping/giving because the little change you makes is a BIG impact to someone and their life.

Thank you for Dinner! Love the HEAT restaurant. Something new for me to try and definitely will continues to takes family and friends there to experience. And it was great to see each and everyone of the staffs along with the 2012 QUEENS. Much blessing! ♥

Until my next dining experience and little lesson I picked up along the way on my journey, feel free to comment and share your experience along with many wonderful things you have gained through your journey with me and those who read my blog.

Korean Vodka

you cooked the red beef in the soup along with the vegetable to add flavor then you dip it into the sauces in front and eat it with the rice...Soo yummi for the tummi.

dessert: Green Tea Ice Cream
Probably one of the best ice cream dessert I ever have at a restaurant.

the staffs sitting on my right

staffs sit on my left...I sat at the end of the table. 🙂


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