The New Mr.Right

I have had my fair share of causal dating and is at the point where I am in search of someone who is ready to committed themselves in a relationship for the long haul. As my mind wonder about my past and what I must have done wrong in my search for love, I came across an article on yahoo called “Not Married Yet? Look for the New Mr.Right”. The author of the article makes some very good points why a woman is successful but at the same time, she was able to have a family with a supporting husband.

Listed below are the key points the author recommend for us young ladies to look for when we are in search for love in a man. If you want to read the whole article, click on the provided link.

The New Mr. Right:
– makes plans in advance.
– supports your career and ambitions.
– is proud of you when you achieve professionally.
– doesn’t expect to be waited on but does expect to help.
– loves children.
– enjoys doing things for you just as you do for him.
– knows who your friends are and makes an effort with them.
– spends time with male friends who treat women respectfully.
– doesn’t feel competitive with you. Your wins are his too.

Source: Not Married Yet? Look for Mr.Right




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