When To Let Go

In every courtship or relationship we ever encountered, there is always a turning point where we have to learn how/when to let go when two parties do not have the same sincere genuine mutual love for one another. It’s always tough to let go from the beginning of the breaking point especially when you are the one who wants to work the relationship out and believing you can change the situation

I have come to learned that nothing will heal the wound like “TIME” will. Given the time, each of us will be able to understand why a relationship did not work the way we expected it to be and why it ended the way it does. We came to accepted our responsibility in the relationship and matter fact, even learn to forgive the other person who has done us wrong; or gather enough courage in us to apologize to the other person whom we had hurt them deeply and ask for forgiveness. In most of the time, we might not be able to fully recover from a broken heart or broken soul in a situation where someone has badly put us through.

Some of us mighta forgive the other person but never forget what they have done to us. There is this quote my sister Jolene share with me (don’t know who the quote belong to), and it said… “I forgive you! I forgive what you did or what you said but I can NEVER forgive you for how you makes me feel.” This quote sum up pretty much how deep a wound is from the emotional stage someone else has cause a person in pain.

Below is a message status someone share on facebook that I came across today. It allow me to reassured myself and stop wondering the “what if” statement when I have done all I can to work it out. I guess when a person doesn’t have the same mind set or in the same stage in life as you do, each person will see the courtship/relationship differently. My advise to you all is, make sure you and the person know what they wants to get out of the relationship and what is their intention is; and know you both are on the same page, even from a very early stage of leading to a relationship.


So how do we let go and when?

You will soon find out; by reading the message below…Happy Reading! It’s great knowledge for the soul. 🙂


When To Let Go

So you sit there wondering why that one person doesn’t want to be with you, yet you keep trying. You give in, doing what they want all the time, til you end up just living for them. Face it, most people are so afraid of being alone. Even if you think there’s nothing wrong with you (you may be right), maybe you’re just not the one for THAT person. There’s no sense in holding onto something that’s just bound to end in heartache. You can’t make someone love you if they choose not to. Stop wasting time trying to prove to someone who doesn’t care, and wait on the one who will come along and love you like you’re supposed to be love.

If you start doing these for things, then I’m sure you’re bound to learn to let go, and let God lead the way.

1. Learn to love yourself: Most people live for others. They never take time out of the day for “me” time. When you try to prove your love to that person, it comes off as pushy and scary. lol Which leads to that person taking you for granted because they know you are doing what’s making THEM happy. You’re not helping the relationship, you’re hurting it, and quite possibly hurting you. You’re giving that person the ability to step all over you without a care in the world.

2. Learn to say “No”: I use to be a “yes” person. I always had trouble telling others no when it was appropriate. Even when I didn’t want to do it, I did it anyway just to make other people happy. I always thought that if I said “no”, people would think I was being rude and insensitive, but it’s the other way around. You’re standing up for yourself and letting others know that you demand respect. Don’t stress yourself out all the time because you want to make someone happy. Be honest. Say no when you feel the need.

3. You Don’t Need Others Approval: You’re smart. Talented. Cute. You have a GREAT personality, and you’re stable. You’re sexy and you know it. You have a job and it pays well. So what? That’s not what makes a relationship work. You don’t need to prove to someone that you’re a great catch. Just let it happen. When you force it, it comes off as being fake. Who wants to be in a false relationship. Allow people to see your great qualities. You don’t have to list them when you first meet them. Let them see it naturally.

4. Move On: Something that most people don’t know when or how to do it. What’s the point in staying in a relationship that’s not going anywhere? What are you gaining from that? Besides nothing. You came into the world alone (unless you’re a twin) & you’re going to leave it alone. I’m not saying you should be locked in the house with 20 cats. But reality is, you don’t need anybody to make you happy. It comes from within. When you love yourself, you’re content with being by yourself. There’s no point in being with a relationship, when it feels like you’re by yourself anyway. The other person is just taking up space in your home. Let them go. Be free, and let love find YOU.

(Got this from LeLe Vue’s status post and she said she got it from Nkauha Hehr’s status. 🙂 and then NkauHa comment she got it from this website: beepoetic19 )


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