Hello everyone! Hope everyone is lively and doing well; and enjoy the wonderful things that come with life.

I’m sorry I was not able to get the opportunity to blog for the last few weeks. I have been traveling at my end and doing many things with family and friends. I am very excited and looking forward to post some pictures up soon; to share with everyone.

In the last month, I had travel to Fresno, LA, Santa Monica shopping center, Venice Beach, Portland-Oregon, making a quick stop in Seattle-Washington; road trip to St.Paul/Minneapolis-Minnesota and Appleton/Green Bay-Wisconsin. Over this period of time, lots of finance was spend on these trips/vacation but it was well worth the life experience.


Will be blogging about these trips soon.


Summer is here! What’s your summer plan? Where will your summer vacation be at? Where did you or will be travel to? Share them with me, give me insight. I love to experience new things and visit new places. I’m excited and looking forward to your comments.

Until next time…take care of yourself, eat healthy and smile often!


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