Random Thought: Ages


Random thought for tonight:

Certain things come with ages! I realized that each year I incline in ages, I wants to be surround by people who I love and those who love me. I am more tone to missing them more and often; out of the usual. Certain issue is sensitive to me and touch a soft spot in my heart. I don’t know if I am becoming more and more emotional or the fact that I look at the world through a different set of eyes now then before. I come to see or understand why older people are having grudge and why things tense to tick them off easily because I starts to notices a part of me beginning to act like that. I do not like it at all and refused to be bitter like the older people. Life can be so bright and peaceful at such an old ages; no reason to be living in old age with bitter moments of the past. I am scared of what the future may bring but at the same time, very excited to take on the challenges. I am learning to be more patience, doing good things to better myself; one step at a time with the belief that LIFE can be such a wonderful things. I hold my world within my own palm and how my world will change and be affect by is through the very decision I makes and the choices I choose to put my actions upon. I am a daring person, I move at my own pace, I rule my universe and I will conquer my quest. I guess in ages, wisdom has come knocking at my door. In ages, I hope to enlighten and enriches others with what I will come to know and share what I can with others. Til gray hair creep in, I will live in the moment and for the moment; witness new experiences as the old has pile up as good memories.




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