Found this to be quiet powerful to my heart & soul; An encouragement to move forward, to a better reflection of me. 🙂

“A MAN IS ONLY A REFLECTION OF ME AND WHERE I AM IN MY JOURNEY. Simply stated, when I was young, dumb, impressionable and looking for someone to fill this empty hole in my heart, I dated liars, cheaters and crazy folks. Although I knew I deserved better, my reflection that I saw in the mirror was so murky and unattractive emotionally and spiritually that I didn’t have the voice to demand better. I’m not saying that I will never encounter another unappealing prospect, however I’ve noticed as I’ve grown and became wiser, that even the qualities that I desire and receive in a have has changed. They’ve evolved and are now a better reflection of me.” — Tiffany Addai

Source: Simply Solo Spotlight: Top Five Lessons I’ve Learned from Dating




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