Married? Any Kids?

How S A D ! ! !

It’s weird and kinda funni that ppl always assume I have kids and either married or divorce; not that it’s a bad thing or anything…lolz. Shoo am I really that OLD? lolz 🙂

A few questions I usually gets at the beginning of a conversation (usually with the opposite gender) will be like: Are you Married? Do you have a kids? When both answer lead to NO, they always seem to be so surprising. A smile will display on their face then the next thing that come out of their mouth will be this “U must be picky. Don’t be too picky and you will find the love of your life.” When others do this, they just release the preacher in me and allow me to make a smart remark to shut them up…lolz.

I hate Hmong stereotype or mentality! Some of them always assume the Hmong women will become babies making machine at a very young age. I hope that ppl will learn to understand there are STILL single women who are in their 20s to 30s that are educated, independent, smart and brave, existed in today society. This type of women are the one every men values, wants but cannot have! :p lolzIn my early 20s, I was so offended by people when they ask me questions or assume me of this matter. But now, I held my head high…response proudly to the matter cause I am the exceptional of the norm. I dnt fall into the norm not because I am a loser and no one wants me. I CHOOSE TO BE THE EXCEPTION; it’s a choice base solely by me and not by others! Just gotta put my two cent into this thought of matter cause someone mention something on my facebook status and am wants to address how often I gets this from people. 🙂

Happy Thursday Everyone! he he he


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