Yes, It Does Existed

In one of my previous blog, I mention about how discouraging marriage is and I also mention about reading those miserable crazy Hmong stories from those three different pages (“Hmong”, “IAmHmongBeauty” and “Hmong Advice & Stories”) on Facebook. Remember that post ( to see previous post)?

Well, I got creative and thought I will send in a story of my own. A story that will give hopes, insight and encourage others to find a purpose in marriage rather then just let all the failing marriages around them scared them to death (although I am scared to death myself…lolz).

Since most of the stories on those three page on facebook was so discourage about marriage, I decided to write a fictional (fake) happy marriage story and send it in. I send it in through email on 9/18/12 and it was post on their page the next day 9/19/12 (just this week). Read my fictional story and the comments from others facebook users by clicking on here : Yes, It Does Existed! 

The purpose of the story is to give hope and encourage the youth and those of us who are still single to see marriage at a much more positive spectrum then negative. Also I make the main character/narrator to be a male instead of the female because I believed there are still good men out there that can really love a woman and treated her right; which he know his obligation and expectation out of him.  I try to make it sound as real as it can be. Some of the details in the story is taken from my real life story. In the story, the main character is the oldest kid of his siblings; but in reality, I am the third oldest kid of my siblings and also came from a family of 7 kids. My parents do farm for a living; up to the point where my mother has cancer and pass away in 2007. Bits and piece of the fictional story are facts from my real life.

You may think it’s wrong for me to send in a fictional (fake) story but I believed half of the story submit to the page might be fictional stories as well. I send it in with good intention; with the hope that it will touch someone’s heart deep and take the details into consideration to improve their life for a better future.

After submitting the fictional story to the page, I realize that I probably have written someone else out there’s life story and just doesn’t know who they are. However, if I did written someone out there’s life story without knowing, I am happy and glad that the couple is able to establish that type of relationship among themselves. I only wish them many happy years to come and be blessed.

Marriage is still many years away, away from what my eyes can see ahead of me. I am sure that when the day do arrive, it will be one of the happiest moment in my life.

Do you think what I did is pretty crazy? Have you done anything like this before?


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