Vintage Wedding



This past Saturday, I get another opportunity to delivered wedding flowers and set them up for a Vintage Wedding in Ione at the Heirloom Inn with my good friend Maichor. Maichor worked part-time as a flourish for a Wedding Flourish Design located in Sacramento; it’s one of her passion she enjoy doing.

Each time when I get the opportunity to delivered wedding flowers and set it up, the wedding is unique and it has its own originality; cater just to the wonderful taste of the individual couple. In the past year, I have delivered wedding flowers to probably more then 5 weddings in the greater Sacramento area with my friend.

The flowers we delivered this time was simply made and bright soft colors; pink, white and green. Upon our arrival at the Heirloom Inn, the staffs at the location already set up the reception area with white table, pink table cloth, white plates, glasses. The entrance gate was set up on the left with some honey favors on a old dress drawl. On the right, was a treasure chest and table cover in lace, set up with the couple’s pictures on top of it. Behind the pictures, laid some picture frame on the tree as decor.

Allow the pictures below to give you a small details caption of this Vintage Wedding in styles… simple, beautiful and quite vintage!


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