Nyob Ua Kev

This cover song by Michael Vang was so well sung by him. Every time I listen to the song, it makes me long for the special one who is yet to come in my life. It makes me excited for the future and cannot wait for the wonderfulness of life to happen.

The lyrics goes something like this—If I ask you, will there be a day for the both of us to finally live together, be a couple? Live in a town? Will you be afraid to response? You said… in the near future, which is still quite far away. However if that day do come, let me hold your hands forever and for eternal. Our love has come such a long way. At time, we get upset at one another. However, we will succeed and will not lose to anything that cross our path. We will not lose easily. Don’t listen to other’s words; for it will cause problems. I believed in you; have given completely my soul to you.  Our lives will be happy, we will be smiling, love for eternal as many years will come and go.

Such a B E U T I F U L song ! ! !


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