Dating, Marriage-Real Talk

“People complain that dating someone for a long time will make you tired of them. HELLO PEOPLE!! You’re only DATING. If you’re tired of each other already then, maybe you’re not right for each other. MARRIAGE is a commitment, not a game. PLEASE DO NOT get marry if you feel like you guys have dated too long and your relationship may go downhill if you guys don’t tie the knot. Come on

 people, use your common sense. If you fight all the time, marriage is not going to help. If he/she cheats on you, marriage is not going to tie him or her to you. That just means you’re looking for love in the wrong place. Tired of dating the same type of people? LOOK at a DIFFERENT shape and not the darn CIRCLE! Communication and trust are two of the keys to making a relationship work. Trust me, it will work. If it doesn’t, it’s either you or the other that’s having trouble with communicating or trusting or maybe even both.Take the good and leave the bad. I know, you know, that some of this crap is true.–Anonymous ”

Just love this! Got it from a facebook page.

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