Egoistic and Self-Pride

My random facebook thought…

“Every one has egoistic and their self-pride. When someone lower theirs for you, it speaks volumes, takes courage and effort to do so. If you cannot see or willing to look beyond that to better understand the individual and their reason(s), it’s obvious the individual deserved someone better than you. It’s your lost and others’ gain.”

I have had past experiences where I lower my expectation or standard to the point where the other individual doesn’t has any to match up, and those people still take me for granted. It’s so shameful that those people would not look at themselves before they open their mouth.

And there are time where I would meet people who are too egoistic and self-pride!!! Which I have to admit, I do give them credit for that because they do lived up to their self-worth and achievements. However, too much of ego and self-pride can kills their personality and makes them look horrible in my eyes.

Whatever happen to humbleness and consideration? Where are those people located at now a day?


One thought on “Egoistic and Self-Pride

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