Mist of Thoughts

My random facebook status today…

” When I heard your sad story, the pain and hurts you go through, it makes me wants to show you how truthfully a woman can love you; how you should be love, give you hopes, and at the least, makes you believed in love again. However, this is only a thought in the mist of my thoughts for which it will fade away with time. Because you never present such opportunity for me to make this thought into a reality; and to show you how wonderful a woman like me can make life soooo amazing that regardless how time may fly by, I will be the first and last thing on your mind. :p “

I have encountered so many men who has been so hurt due to their past relationships. Each person’s story affect me greatly because I am a person who always have the urge of wanting to help and solve the problem. It makes me feel sorry and sad for them but at the same time, I wonder what really went wrong in order for a gentle woman to hurt these men with pain. Maybe they do deserved it? maybe they don’t, who knows, right?

Sometime, just sometime—when you encountered a person who caught your attention and No matter how bad you want to be the special person for them….Sometime, those people just doesn’t give you the chance to enlighten them or the opportunity to show them that true love really do existed.

I guess we cannot save every one from pain nor can we help every one because they probably doesn’t deserved our true love.


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