Refuse, Settle For Less

My random facebook status thought…

“I refuse to sell myself short and settle for less ! ! ! ūüôā

Due to my previous posts “Mist of Thoughts” and “Egoistic and Self-Pride” blog, I refused to sell myself short and settle for less!!! Why should I lower my standard and expectation when I work hard as an individual to get to where I am at. I willing to¬†negotiation¬†but¬†definitely¬†will not settle for less then acceptable.

Therefore, I will keep my head high; stick to my self-pride (just like everyone else) and be humble about what I am looking for. Which lead me to my other facebook status below:

Where did all the decent looking, humble, kind gentlemen, considerate, loving, caring, and faithful men go/at? Who is single, never been married, age 27-32, crazy about life as well as his craziness for one woman only, his love is deeper then the ocean blue and for me to die for, passionate about building a solid marriage for the rest of his life, wants to make babies, and worship his woman like the only GODDESS in heaven, earth and hell…etc… where can I get one of those? I’m like tire of waiting and searching. I want to speed up the process…lolz :p “

Can such person existed? or is it just a dream? :/¬†With determination…anything can be achievable???



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