As I watch my older sister get ready to go to an American Wedding with her boyfriend. She put on her make-up, do her hair, put on her silver cocktail dress, her black high-heel shoes, and then add on her accessories to completed her looks. Seeing her being so beautiful, elegant and looking like a million bucks really bring thoughts into my mind.

She was previously married, has established a good life with her ex-hubby; finish her Bachelor degree, own many houses with her ex, she makes good income and have a good career; quite smart, kind and loving. She will always put others before her and always willing to do a little extra to bring more happiness to others. When she see others happy, it bring her a sense of comforting and joy.

Thinking back to her previous situation and see her looking like a million bucks today, I wonder to myself how a Hmong man coulda cheat on her and decided to let her go when she looks so gorgeous where any man would be proudly to call her “She is mine”.

Then I question life…


“Witness wonderful things/persons/moments happening daily. The saddest part in witnessing these wonderful things/persons or moments is that many people fail to acknowledge the values behind it; especially the person who received.

If we can take a step out of our comfort zone, take a step back and observe the wonderful things or the awesome person in our lives from a different set of eyes, we will know that the other individual never seem to fail us in everything he/she does. Everything set forth that she/he does, they do with care, put forth good intention and values into those moments they have taken the time to do so.

Why do we always under-estimate the worth someone do for us when they do with the better thought of us and do it with the intention of wanting to enrich our lives? Is it really human nature to take it for granted then later realized how awesome it has been or how awesome he/she was but it’s too late? How come we don’t see the greatness of others when it’s obvious and noticeable?

Oh how I wish we can better appreciated the enrichment others bring into into our lives, treasure the individual so great that those moments we spend together with them will be forever lock up in a everlasting memory; a sacred where no one can truly understand or measure the bond between us and the other person, and no such words can express enough.”

I have encounter many women and men of qualities. And hearing them went through a difficult situation, my mind always wonder what went wrong? Did they lack some duty to their significant other or did the significant other just simply has a change of heart and change of mind? Because these people are truly amazing. I guess I will never really understand because no one can really walk in the shoes of another person as we all are different individual.


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