Water the Grass


“I want to share this message with all of my Facebook sisters and friends. I hope that you will take your time to read this message…Due to the fact that the time changed and that we forgot so we ended up at church an hour earlier than usual…meaning we made it to the 8am service. The message was so good and powerful that we decided to stay for the second service as well so that I could take some notes for all of you. God’s messages today was “Water the Grass.” The grass is never greener on the other side but right where you are at. God did not put two people together to be miserable. He puts us together to love, enjoy and be happy with each other but you got to water your grass. If you are one of those who put your water sprinkler on auto, you got to check often making sure nothing is broken.

G= GRACE is needed in your relationship. Grace is forgiveness, love, patient, merciful and compassionate. GRACE is needed when he/she is sick, sad, depressed, hurt and even things as forgeting about your birthday. Oh…the birthday is my own example…If you cherished sin in your heart, the Lord will not hear or would not have listened. 

R= REAL, free to be who God wired you to be. Don’t ask the other to be like you. We need to be different. Be REAL and comfortable enough not to worry about being judged or viewed as you are crazy when you just want to kick your shoe off, having no make up, in a mess or just wanting to scream at the top of your lungs. Don’t forget and be too real where you forget to love and care for yourself as well. (meaning lazy).

E= ENERGIZE, build up one another. Your home should be where you come home and get energized, feel safe and happy. He/she should be your energy. The world is sucking you out all day out there. You need to energize and encourage one another. We need to build up each other sometimes. This is my build up for my husband GER. I recognized and appreciated him for working so hard so that we have a roof over our head and food on our table even when we don’t get to see him much. We need to see our husband/wife through God’s eyes and not ours. We pray for his self-esteem his love for God and his well being. “Your husband will never see who he really is until he sees who God really is.” So instead of praying for him to change, pray God to change you. So that he will see you and love you for who you are, the woman God made for him. 

E= ENJOY being with each other. This is very personal for me. I often said I won’t know what to do with him without my kids. I’m working on this right now. Friendship is building, enjoy each other and learn to be with each other by complimenting each other. Learn to like and go alone with him/her because you love him/her. You will be happy because it make him/her happy. He/she should be your BFF but not necessarly meaning getting your own way. Friendship should be for better or worst. Otherwise it will only be a user. God put you together to love, enjoy it and be happy with each other. 

N= NAVIGATE the changes of life. Life changes, phyical and beauty changes from young to old, energetic to being tired and healthy to being sick. You married someone for these reasons beside love and enjoying them. We need to be able to navigate through these changes and be truthful to our commitments. This is what we are looking for in love with someone. Someone to be there when we are old and sick and tired. Marriage doesn’t have to be perfect but always have God in your life and plant your grass in Christ and you will have a good marriage. God never lets you see that the other side of the grass is greener. It is the enemies. So don’t forget to water your grass. Life is too short, live to love and be content with each other and be thankful. Amen.

This is the best note that I have ever taken in church. Thanks for the mixed up of time so that I was able to attend both services and take notes the second time around….I hope all of you will enjoy this message and apply to your life. May God bless all of you and your marriage.” — Mai Kou Yang

Source: Hmong Village Women community page 


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