Txhua hnub (Every day)

Photo curiosity of Larson Design Group

Txhua hnub, hauv kuv lub neej thiab txoj kev taug—kuv xav tias hnub twg mam li muaj tseeb. Txhua hnub, kuv siv kuv lub sijhawm muaj nuj nqis heev. Txhua hnub dhau lawm zuj zus, lub siab xav tias cia kuv ua ib tug neeg siab tawv. Txhua hnub, kuv rau rau siab rau kuv tus kheej, yeej yuav muaj hnub ntawv los txog. Txhua hnub, kuv mob siab rau txoj kev khwv. Txhua hnub, kuv mob siab rau txoj kev kawm. Txhua hnub, txoj kev kawm yuav qhia kuv los ua ib tug neeg ntse, kom yog ib tug neeg muaj tswv yim nrog rau lub peev xwm. Txhua hnub, kuv kho kuv tus kheej kom kuv pauv los ua kom tau ib tug neeg zoo. Txhua hnub, kuv muaj txoj kev ntseeg rau txhua yam yuav los tom ntej no. Txhua hnub, txhua yam kuv ua no yog kuv ua rau koj thiab kuv. Txhua hnub, txhua yam kuv ua no yog kuv ua rau wb lub neej yav pem suab. Txhua hnub, kuv lub siab lub ntsws xav ntsoov txog koj. Txhua hnub, kuv tuav kuv lub siab no tos koj. Txhua hnub, lam koj paub li kuv paub es koj hom yuav xav li cas. Txhua hnub, kuv muaj kev cia siab. Txhua hnub, kuv muaj kev ntseeg tias yeej yuav muaj tseeb. Txhua hnub, txhua hnub, txhua hnub…


3 thoughts on “Txhua hnub (Every day)

  1. Youur really good at spelling hmong . May youu help me ? Im taking a challenge test in January on writing and reading hmong . I sorta need help . If you can , get back to me ? (: thanks !

    • Hello Anna Vang,

      Thank you for the compliment and for taking your time to read my blog. Absolutely, if you need additional help with writing and reading in Hmong, I am glad to help. Let me know how I can be of a better assistance to you. Add me on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/v.suzilicious) or send me an email (ntxhaishmoob@gmail.com) and we can discuss how I can assist you. Until then, take care of yourself.


      • Thank youu for replying !
        I really appreciate your time .
        I was really inspired how youu were able to write all in hmong . Your the first person ive seen do that . I really appreciate youu agreeing to help me (:
        I will email youu because i dont get on face book much but ill definitely add you !
        Thank youu & take care also !


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