It’s a NO NO!

I got two messages today…one via text and one via facebook from two different married men…guys who I used to know and somewhat has the hot for me but now is married…lolz

I replied back that “Married man shouldn’t be texting/messaging me”. The one via text seem to come to an understand and said “U’re right! It’s wrong of me to ask how you are doing.” …and… the one via facebook response to the same statement with this “Everytime I ask you a question you always seem to tsab tsab ntse.”

Seriously? lolz… Yes I am smart! U should be glad that I am or else I woulda be one of those cheap chick and screw up ur marriage life for you then leave u in the middle of ur mess and divorce. Be thankful that I am a woman of my own honor and I told u the rightful things NOT to do.

I dnt care if we are still friends or not but if you are married, don’t freakin text or message me because I am not fond of married men!!! If you dont stop urself from doing what you do, it will become a habit and not good for ur health, relationship and marriage. Dnt give the wife a doubts when you and her are on a good term. Cause us woman, if we are in doubts, the love will slowly fade away and it’s NEVER EVER gonna be the same! I respect you and the woman in your life. I wouldn’t want my future husband to be texting/messaging some old flame of his either. Therefore, don’t take my statement in a negative way but think in term that I did this for the good of you.

Someday, when you realized and understand the mind set where I am coming from with this…Don’t forget to thanks me for it.


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