“A little thing called hope is sometimes all we have. When life gives us odds that seem as though they are impossible to overcome, we should never lose hope, because when we lose hope, we lose in life, period! Don’t fear losing! Keep going for the dreams in life that you know you desire in your heart, and that you know are really meant for you!

If you feel like you are lacking in hope today, sow seeds of hope elsewhere so that you may reap a harvest in your own life! If you can give someone else hope, and help someone else in their own life, chances are, you will be given hope and help in your own life.

Above all, remember that being hopeful requires for you to actively remember and believe that anything is possible, and that you should never stop hoping until what you dream of turns into a reality!” ~ unknown


“In life we will be forced to fight many battles. Sometimes we depend too much on things happening to save us, and sometimes too many things happen to us for us to handle at all. Never let what you are going through in one moment determine what is going to happen for the rest of your lifetime.

For many life is a struggle. And many choose to view life in a negative manner because there always seem to be moments when they either dont have enough, or that they have too much to handle with everything happening at once.

We have to make it a point to work hard at life everyday and to work hard in different areas of our lives on a consistent basis. If we don’t we will improve in short stretches, but we will never reach maximum growth because sometimes our growth will stop, until we are willing to give that area even more effort.” ~ unknown

“Life is much too short to waste. If you aren’t on this Earth to have a good time and to make a legacy out of your name, then what are you on this earth for? Too many times people are so busy living their lives in the hopes of getting over and getting past feelings, when feelings have nothing to do with their dreams.

Don’t let yourself stop dreaming just because of the way you feel. The way that you feel at any given time is only there for us to be able to guide us toward and to guide us away from certain things in our lives.

There is no way of knowing what tomorrow may bring, especially if you spend too much of your time over-thinking life. Just step up to the plate, and live the life you want to live, life is much too short not to.” ~ unknown


“Today in the midst of your busy life, may you have at least one moment to sit back and relax when you don’t have to do anything or be anywhere in particular but mostly in that moment may you realize here and now what a gift your life is not just to you but to everyone who knows you.

We must always take time out of our day to recognize how far we have come, how blessed we are, and how we can learn from what we have been through, preferably on a day today basis. Life is such a blessed gift from God almighty, and we must learn how to be appreciative of it. The problem is, most people get caught up in their busy lives, and focus on all of the stressors that being busy entails, instead of giving focus to the things in their lives that truly matter the most.

You have life! You need no reason, or have no excuse big enough not to live your life as much as possible in each moment. Don’t focus on things that scare you, or that you think may eventually cause you pain! You are going to be okay! Discipline your focus on the things in life that you truly dream of, and what you know in your heart that you deserve!” ~ unknown


“Good things are coming down the road. Just don’t stop walking.
If you ever want to receive the good things in life that you truly deserve you have to continue on your journey towards them. In the road of life, and in the pursuit of the life we have always wanted, the goals, the dreams, and achieving everything we have envisioned for ourselves to achieve, we will often be confronted with turmoil, and we will often be forced to choose to decide whether we want to continue to push hard in life or not.

There is only failure in our life, if we choose to step out of fighting the war, failure doesn’t come by just losing a single battle, failure comes when we refuse to keep walking down the road that we are supposed to be walking down.

Just because right now may be a bad time in your life, doesn’t mean that things will never get better. Keep pushing forward, keep hoping, and keep moving forward to achieve your dreams.” ~ unknown


Got these words of wisdom from facebook through a cousin who share with me. Someone send to her and she post it on her wall. A self-reminder to why life is so precious! Although we might fall off of the road track, with the good intention and right determination, we can regain our strength; be back on the road track and continues our journey of life.


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