2013 Resolutions

Every year, each and everyone of us set forth a resolution goal to accomplish by the end of the year; Some of us may have more then one. I always have resolutions set for each year and if I was able to manage my time and used my time wisely, most likely I almost accomplished all of them. Just last year (2012), I accomplished 2/3 of my resolutions and was pretty proud of myself.

For this year, I want to do something kinda big and different then my usual resolutions but haven’t set on a solid goal what the big and different thing be yet. As for the little things or things I needs and wants to accomplished, I have a list put together and they are in no particular order.

  • Weight loss: target goals is to be at 150LB; at least 5lb per months that needs to be shade off. That including eating healthy and plus a good 30 mins – 1 hour work out 3 times a week.
  • School/Enrollment: reinstated back to college; maintain good grade and pass courses
  • Internship: definitely wants to get into an internship to gain experience in the business field to support me in my field of study.
  • Read: 12 books at the least, one per month for personal growth and knowledge. Personal reading such as romance novels are welcome but will not be counts as the 12 books.
  • Less Spending: less spending on non-sense stuffs; no buying random unnecessary needs. Stop offering to pay for other people.
  • Save Money: need to improve on saving money for future needs; or just in case of emergency use or big purchase
  • Relationship:  improve myself in the relationship area since it has been rough on me through the past few years—emotionally and mentally; improve my relationship with family and friends; learn to let people who are unhealthy in my life go so new healthy people can walk into my life.
  • Self-care: treat myself better; do things for me more, learn to say NO!
  • NO Volunteer: no more volunteering after April for this year with the old organizations. I’m gonna take a break from volunteering because I have done so many years in a row already and need a break; unless the volunteer is within my field of study related which is Business then Yes!
  • Act of Kindness: Act of kindness probably be the big thing I want to do this year but I am not sure what will it be consist of yet. This is yet to be fill in and it will have to be thought out by March at the latest.

Please do share your 2013 resolutions! I’m excited about mine and the outcome it will be by December 2013. Share yours and lets get excited together.

Until next time, take care of yourself and those you love. Smile often! And don’t forget to record daily memories through the camera of your eyes and thoughts. ♥


2 thoughts on “2013 Resolutions

  1. My NY’s resolution is to read more, so I joined the 2013 Goodreads reading challenge. My goal is 35 books for this year. And also to do a lot of self-care and not take on too many projects at once.

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