Steve’s Love

“To my surprise, Phong immediately realized who I am even after so many years has pass. We exchange a few words and he asked where the Elite Hall room is. I replied, I’m just about to head there myself. I’m aching to find out who he has become and how life has been for him. Before I was able to ask him anything, we have arrived at the meeting. As I enter through the right double door Phong hold out for me, I notice two of the clients were already there. Phong took a seat next to them as I set my portfolio on the head table. Phong was one of the clients which my company wants me to contract for our next big project. As I carry out the meeting with the other two clients and Phong, my mind fresh back to the raining night he and I said our last good-bye. The “what if” questions run deep in my thought as it is distracting me from my meeting. I notice a wedding band tan mark on his wedding finger and my mind wonder into tons of questions.

The meeting end faster then I can call for as I still want to keep Phong for longer; to answer some of my curiosity question regards to him. The other two clients gather their paperwork to leave as Phong slowly gathering his. I escort the other two clients out the door and before I know, Phong stood next to me by the Elite Hall door asking to have lunch. I politely accepted his offer.

Later that evening, Steve and I have our monthly dinner date. As I was sitting across from my fiancé in an elegant restaurant, dress up in a black cocktail dress while Steve was dress in his charcoal suit with white collar shirt and a dark purple tied reading the menu out loud to us, the morning meeting and afternoon lunch with Phong rush back into my thought. Phong was married and have two wonderful children with his wife; age 6 and 4. With unfortunate, he lost his wife to cancer 2 years ago. As I was having the conversation with Phong in the afternoon, I have come to a realization how much Steve have love me; although his love may not fulfill my heart quite the way Phong did, his love was there and so was mine. No matter how much love I have for Phong, it was not the kind of love I need from Steve. I cannot imagine life without Steve. As the handsome man in his charcoal suit whom sits across from me at the elegant restaurant wave his hand to wake me up from my day-dreaming, I smile happily at him. I grab his hand softly and draw his hand closer to my right cheek. As I press his hand to my cheek, I whisper to his heart how I cannot wait to be his loving wife.”

The above is my ending to a story contest on “Hmong Love Stories” page on facebook. They hosted a contest by starting off with the beginning of a story and the reader who wants to participate has to submit their ending to the story on the same status update post to be a participant. The top five participant’s story with the most votes will be enter into a drawing to win a Kindle Fire HD.

This is the beginning of the story contest post by Hmong Love Stories page admin…

The last time I saw Phong was 10 years ago. It is ironic how some memories fade, yet some lingers, every now and again, tugging at our heart, reminding us of a precious person whom we once shared our lives with. This particular memory seems to always tug at my heart — standing before me was Phong, completely drenched as heavy droplets of rain rolled of his hair, streaming down the side of his perfect face; he looked cold as I can still see in my memory, the puffs of his breath in the chilly air. We had the most rain of the season that day, and it poured heavy on us as we said our last good-bye. I was a sophomore in high school and he was going away for college. We were too young for marriage and a long distance relationship just wasn’t ideal at the time. Thank goodness for the rain, it hid my tears so well that he could not see how my heart was breaking. He was my first true love.

Today, I am done with school and I have a well establish career. I’ve also found someone who has filled my days, although he may not fill my heart quite the way that Phong did, I can’t complain too much. Steve, my fiancé is educated and well respected. He’s a bit on the professionist side, but after two years of dating, I’ve come to tolerate it. Our wedding is set to next month, yet somehow, there’s something missing in my heart that has me a bit unsettling. My bestfriend said, “It’s just cold-feet and that it’s normal. All new ‘soon to be bride’ goes through the same anxiety of committing to a whole new lifestyle – the new title, the in laws and responsibilities of a Hmong nyab. The day after the wedding, everything should fall perfectly into place.” I sure hope she’s right.

The next day, distracted by all the chaos of the new change management in our department, I was running late for a client meeting. I hurriedly grabbed my pursed and my portfolio and dashed out of my office. Waiting for the elevator, I pushed the elevator call button repeatedly as if it would make the elevator realize that I was urgently late. About what seems like a full ten minute had passed, the elevator door finally opened…

My heart stopped, I was in total shock; standing before me in a neatly pressed dark gray suit, red tie and most endearing smile was Phong.

Source: Hmong Love Stories Page (contest stories)


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