I am Closer

“Door of opportunities is always there. We don’t see it because of lack of determination. Luck will only be on our side when we are taking actions. And God seem to be helping you when you are helping yourself. When you think the road has come to an end, there is no way out and if you give up then that is the end of everything. However, if you continues to seek and make small progress at a time for change, the impossible can be possible with time. I may not be there yet but I am closer than I was yesterday. Today, the future is looking promising at my end.”

This is my status update today on facebook. You can said I am quite happy today due to certain things that happen.

I have been out of school for almost three years and just mostly working; attend a few classes here and there at the community college to keep me productive. I been wanting to return to college and due to my poor GPA, it was difficult for me to get re-instate back into the college, I used to attend before I take a break from, due to high tuition and high registration among students. Along with that, the deadline for Fall 2013 semester has pass already which is too late for me to register into the college this Fall. Therefore, I look into other options which can possible help me catch up and speed up the process.

I met up with an university today and the option the Advisor present to me is quite doable. If I consider this option, I will be done with my bachelor in a year or so. The downfall is, the tuition is quite high and possibly will end up with a few grands of loan.

Afterward, I return to the community college Advisory center and ask to see a counselor because I have competed a few additional courses which add to my previous credits allow me to met the requirement to petition to graduate with my Associate Degree in Business Administration  Appointment is booked and will be meeting with the counselor in a week or so.

I have two more universities to meet up with next week and will see which university is the best option for me then I will make my final decision.


Everything seem to be looking right and moving on the right path as I want it. It’s wonderful to see there are other paths which I can take to accomplish my goals and doesn’t always have to stick to the traditional way of doing things to get there.


Until next time, take care of yourself and those you love. Smile often! And don’t forget to record daily memories through the camera of your eyes and thoughts. ♥


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