True Mirror

When you’re happy the world reflects your soul
Because it moves with your subtle energy flow,
It grows and blossoms like a field of flowers
That just received the light spring showers.

When you’re sad the world reflects your sorrow
Because you can no longer imagine tomorrow,
So your world slowly dies and decays today
As it absorbs and tries to take your pain away.

When you’re confused the world reflects your conflict
Because it shows you messages that contradict,
It sweetly tempts you with your inner desires
But you can’t pay the price the world requires.

And when you finally find peace in your heart
Your world will reflect your ability to restart.
It will wash away the cursed stench of death
And you can rebuild with what you have left.

So understand, the world is your true mirror
And nothing else will show your true self clearer.

by John Lo


(got it from his facebook status update)


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