February Cap

A lots of things has happen since my last post. I guess I have been busy with myself and life that I was not able to keep up with my blog on here. Now, I just realized how important it is to draw down my thoughts and emotion.

So, here I am to recap all the things that had happen between last post and now.


My baby sister decided to get marry during Feb. 14, 2013 (culturally). Her and her husband has been dating for 2 and a half years. They both are 24 years old. The wedding is to held by the end of this month. She is the youngest of the daughters/girls (There are three of us; from my mom). Even if she was the youngest daughter from my mom, she was ready and love was in the air for her.


I met a super duper awesome man back in December and we finally make it official Feb. 16, 2013 during our Valentine getaway weekend. We went to Monterrey Bay. It was a great 2 nights stay and 3 days getaway weekend for me and him to confirm our feelings for one another.

Like many told me, I will know when he is the right one. I guess they are sorta right because everything just fall into place. At first I was starting to doubt myself to ensure if this is what I want but without taking a risk, I will not know. A great person doesn’t come easy. Although there are many opportunity, some are not the right one so I took this opportunity and willing to let life take me on this journey with him. I am happy and very excited to let this man be a part of my present.

Hmong Women Support Group:

Monthly, since November 2012… I have been a regular attendancee of a Hmong women support group called “CA Central Hmong Women” and it’s a group first start from facebook group forum “Hmong Village Women”. The ladies from the Hmong Village Women facebook forum group took the opportunity to network and decided to come meet each other in person through a meeting or gathering at restaurant. Just this past February is the 4th monthly annual meeting or gathering.

I was invited to be a panel speaker. The topic was being “Authentic Self”. It was such a honor to be a panel speaker and to share my experience of discovering my authentic self with the group. It was such an honor because I was one of the few younger women or the second youngest woman in the Hmong women support group and to be able to share my experiences with older Hmong woman was a opportunity I did not envision. I always feel that they are the elders and I should learn from them rather then jump in and share my idea or knowledge because they been through a lots more and they will know more.  Taking my silly thought aside, I have learn through many of the previous meeting and this one that my knowledge can encourage someone to do self-care and see themselves more important.

Many wonderful “authentic self” ideas and activities were share on that evening. I was blessed to be a part of this Hmong women support group and get the chance to change life through my share of knowledge and experience.

San Francisco; Girls Getaway Weekend:

A part of living the good life to me is to explore the world a little, live freely and enjoy the wonderful things that come with life. During one of February weekend, me along with my older sister and a coworker went to San Francisco for a weekend getaway. I have been to SF many times but did not get the time to visit other places. On this weekend, we visited over 10 places in two days. I was super exhausted due to trying to visit so many places at once and driving. We did a Golden Gate cruise tour on the “Red and White” ship. Also we have delicious dinners by the Piers with creamy clam chowder and other tasty dishes; Glitterati chocolate ice cream at the factory and it’s restaurant, and the best part or newest to me is eating Filipino foods. We ate with our fingers; the foods were place on the table without any plates or bowls with the table cover in banana leaves. Our coworker is Filipino and she said this is how they ate in Philippine.

It’s beautiful to experience new things that I have not done before!!!

Health Fair & Bridal Shower & Banquet:

I have so many events to attended during the same weekend; Saturday: Health Fair at work in the morning, then rush myself home to get ready for Mr.Hmong Central Valley Appreciation Banquet at A&A Tasty Restaurant and I was the co-emcee for the event. It was my first time being an emcee and I was so nervous but at the same time, very excited too. I feel pretty bad cause I didn’t do so great as I thought I did. However, it’s always try and error along the road to be better. Now I know what I can correct myself to be a better emcee next time if another opportunity do come.

I just recently throw my baby sister a bridal shower on Sunday during the same weekend too. Lots of work!!! And it was a crazy weekend for me. On Sunday morning, I was rushing to 6 different stores to get all the bridal shower supplies to completed my vision of bridal shower for the baby sister. Without the help of my older sister, cousins and friends, the bridal shower will not be possible. Everything came together beautifully and I cannot express enough thanks to those who came early to help and those who came to attend the bridal shower to make it a happy moment for my baby sister. I hope that this will be a small piece of details to which my baby sister can reflect back to her wedding journey and remember it.

This is the recap of the things I did during February that I did not have the time to blog about. Please do share some of your life moments of adventures with me. I love to hear from you.

Until next time… smile often, take care of yourself and those you love.


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