Happi Mother’s Day


“Thank you Namy Her for sharing this beautiful piece of message with me.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!

Today is mother’s day and as I watch people post up pictures of their mothers with them, it bring back bittersweet memories of my mother and I.

It’s been 6 years since you have been gone and not a day go by I don’t think of you. The good food I ate, I thought of you. The happy moments, I wish to share with you. The little and big accomplishment I achieved, I wish you were here to share with me. My world is not the same as before because the most important person in my life is no longer where to be found.

Mom, I know that we have our ups and downs moment but your love is always there for me as mine is there for you. We both has struggle to understand our differences and there are moments that we did not talk for days. If I can take back the time, I will do anything to share those bittersweet memories with you again. I’m very sorry for putting you in any pain. I did not intent to do so but want us to understand one another only. Do know that I love you very much.

I miss how our family used to be. We always have family dinner. All the siblings will wait for you and dad to come from the farm with the vegetable and then everyone will gather in the backyard and drive way to clean the vegetable up. Those hot summer weekend, when me and the siblings would go to the farm and help you and dad gather the vegetable for the farmers market. When it gets so hot in the afternoon, you would whistle for the wind, calling the wind to cool us down under the hot sun.

You have such a big heart and always offer your love and kindness to anyone who you encountered. You love them and love me regardless of what our behaviors are.  You have the wisdom to discipline me and my siblings to become a better individual. My siblings and I are at where we are because of the unconditional love you and dad have for us. Thank you!

May you always watch over me, guide me to make the right decision and live life to the fullest as you have dream for me. Wherever you are, know that I love and miss you dearly. Happy Mother’s Day, mom!


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