Jobs Hunting

Hello world!

It’s surprise me that each time I try to write something out on this blog, I tense to start off with this ” I have been busy…”. Feel like an excuse, isn’t it? lolz… Anyway, I have!!! LIFE always has it’s ups and downs on me. The last few blogs, I have stated about my stress and how to cope with it. I can tell you that I didn’t do such a good job on it either whether coping with it or just take it out on someone else through frustration.

I have been really uptight with the boyfriend due to my level of stress and we have had many miss-communication. Yes, I did apology to him for my behavior and the way I have act. We are slowly working out our problem(s). He has no idea how much I appreciated his patience with me because he has put up a lots with me. I adore and love him very much for who he is and what he has done for me. Definitely we will continues to work together to overcome any obstacle that come our way.

Well, the JOBS HUNTING!!! My contract with the Americorps program is ending next month (August) and I refused to renewal it for another terms. I cannot committed myself to another 12 months because of being afraid a better opportunity will come and then I’m lock in with the contract. I want to venture out to something that is field study related to my major which is Business Administration with the concentration in Finance. I don’t know how many people will be out of job or is out of job and currently looking but I have my share of it. I have been jobs hunting for the last two months like a crazy mad woman and luckily was able to get two interviews out of (lets said maybe) 50+ job applications.

I just went to an interview today; right after I just turn 28 years old yesterday and I feel pretty good about it. I drove 2 hours to the interview which is located the Sonoma County from where I lived then drove 3 hours and 30 mins back home cutting through horrible accident and traffic. Seem like the interview process went well. I was offer to go to an orientation and training this Monday. The training will start on this coming Tuesday; for maybe like a month and a half. After training, I will have to pass through an audition, background check and drug test to be consider for the position. Its going to be outside of my usual consideration for jobs but it will definitely be a new change in direction where career opportunities will take me and it can be with endless possibility.

I am very exciting for this and praying that everything will continues to turn out well. It is such a tough time for me and everyone who is jobs seeking to get interview and actually land the position. Please keep me in your praying thought whether it’s this job or other jobs. Take care of yourself, your loves one until next blog.  Have a great night!


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