Vivid Memories

ImageWent to visit my uncle and aunty yesterday “just because” haven’t see nor visit them for a while but aunty wasn’t home. Tonight she call me to check and we both have a lengthening chit chat regards to life, work and school. She and uncle are one of the people whom love us siblings unconditionally aside from my parents. Having this pep talk with her makes me miss my mom more than anything. Mom was my chit chat companion. She was the one I went to for a quick chit chat and I will tell it all to her because she will be okay with everything I brag about. No matter how bad I crave for her touch, to talk to her, to hug her, her sweet warm words, and her loud loud loud voice is no where to be found and be heard. Bitter sweet memories that will never happen again but yet vivid memories to last a life time for me to cherish. — missing MOM!

Days and nights — Looking forward to the future with no where for your return. How long do I have to wait to meet and see you again? No matter how long I will have to wait, no matter what I do, no matter where I will be in this world, there is not a day you will not be miss and will not be remember. You will be the reason why I strive so hard daily to live life so lively. Every moment of my life, I will live in the memories of you. Mom, remember that you still have kids in this world who never go a day not thinking of you and your love. We love and miss you dearly!


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