Feeling Emotional

I am hurt, disappointed, angry and sad at people who are not willing to communicated to resolve such small issue or misunderstanding. People who give up easy when issues approach, not willing to face confrontation, offer no sense of understanding, and only shut themselves away for days without communication doesn’t allow me to understand them better to work through the challenge. If something isn’t right, why don’t they address it for clarification? Running away from it will only served themselves in the short-run. Issues doesn’t go away by themselves but work through it.

When in a relationship, a person is not willing to work through issues when it arise. I cannot imagine what marriage will be like down the road. Will the person quit too, as soon as problem arise? Good to know now then later.

I know that I am not prefect nor always right but I give it all or make the effort to try my best to resolve the challenge; without quitting. Thank you for teaching me to know myself and what is best for me. Lesson learn! Sigh* — feeling emotional.

What do you do when a person is not willing to communicated to let you know what you did wrong to upset them? Each time when they are upset, all they do or said are… “Sure!”… “…assume what you wants…” … and … “Do whatever you want…” The bf who is now the ex-bf because we currently broke up (have known each other for 10 months, dated for 8 months), will used these listed above statement when I talk to him regards to certain things or when I make certain statements that he disagreed. What breaks my heart the most is, he wasn’t willing to communicated to address what he wasn’t happy about or what I shouldn’t said or do. Each time when there is difficulty between us, he will shut himself down away from me for days; making me wonder what is up with him or what direction is he heading towards. It is emotionally drain for me to go through stage like this.

This is the second time he broke up with me during the time we known each other; over small issues which is not necessary to break up over with. It’s not like we both lie or cheat on one another but the lack of communication, misunderstanding, and tolerance we both haven’t yet to establish and sort out our difference. I have decided that since he said “It’s best for us to separate!” — I have consider to accept it like last time although, it isn’t what I want. When a person isn’t ready to resolve small misunderstanding, work through arise issue and each time always end up shutting themselves away from me without communicating with me to let me know what he wasn’t happy about, it is not the way I want to be in a relationship with.

I wants and needs someone who can be my rock through the challenge life bring; who do not back down when life gets tough but stand next to me, reassuring me that we both can do this together and work through the challenge life bring.

I am hurt, disappointed, angry and sad along with frustration at the moment. However, life happen and I will learn to accept this lesson and move on with life. When a relationship doesn’t last, all we can do is move forward to better things in life. There will be tough days which I will face but I think I will be okay.


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