In the past, I have always give advice to others through a third perspective eyes. It is so easy to said then done. Now that I am going through this emotional stage of a break up and refraining myself back to life from whatever I am going through life, it is not as easy as I imagine to be. It makes me think back to those time when I was giving other people advice and how heartless I am at the time. I was talking through a logic stand point and neglect their emotions. My thought was to make them realize that there are so many red flags and their “ex” is no good for them. Yes logic do make sense but now thinking back, I don’t think that advice was needed at the moment.

Like they said — you do not know what they been through until you have wore the same shoes as them.

Now that I am going through the emotional stage, all it matters to me at the moment is a HUG. I want to be comfort and embrace with open arm; with the simple words that everything will be okay, if given some time. I don’t need advice or someone else to tell me what to do but a simple of comfort to embrace my emotions. Although it been 2 weeks, I am still sadden by what happen. I didn’t know it was going to affect me as much as I think because it was only 8 months of dating and 10 months of knowing each other. However, reflecting on the happy moments makes me sad and depress but what stop the mind from wondering off is … if it was so great and happy, things would turn out differently. My mind is back to reality and learning to accepted what happen and then cope with it.

I have two wonderful sisters and a close friend; whom help me through this difficult time. They embraced their love and comfort. At the same time, they reassured me that I am a good person and it was not my fault that the relationship ended; and that I deserve better. Theirs words of reassure and encouragement makes my days brighter and help me to cope with my inner self. There are difficult days and better days. Right now, I am living in the present and trying to work my way through each day.

I was hurt and shutter from the careless decision he has make without giving some thoughts to my feelings or emotions. I hope that one day (if that day to ever come), I will be able to gather myself, my strength and allow myself to remain friends with him.

I guess sometime, every thing doesn’t always go the way we plan or wanted. We just have to learn to accept and move on because whatever it was, it was out of our control.


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