To Love

“For those who have been broken and lock your heart away… may one day, each of us able to have the courage to give away the key to someone else to unlock it.”


This short comic strip show many components to a broken heart. It demonstrate how a broken can still find love at the end if one is to believed in faith. You can see the different between the two males character. The first male cartoon kinda looks like a bad boy. In contrast, the male at the end of the comic strip where the female end up giving her key to is a good boy. I guess I was able to make that out due to the good boy wearing a bow-tied.

After a break up, it is hard to trust again. However, we can’t blame the next person for what happen because it wasn’t them who has cause us pain. We will be more careful with our broken hearts, have to proceed with cautious, and give the next person the benefit of the doubt.

Comic source: Where There is Love, There is Life – Mahata Gandhi


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