2014 Resolutions

2014 Resolutions:

1) Graduate, walk in December
2) Self-Care, love myself
3) Lose Weight
4) Internship
6) Save more, spend less
7) Travel
6) Read


I have been working hard towards earning my bachelor degree for so long; off and on. I am glad to said that I went back to college last April and has been doing very well in my classes at National University of California. If and when pass all courses with flying colors the first try, it is estimate that I will be able to walk this coming winter (December 2014). So this something I am extremely excited about and looking forward to this year.

Personal Growth:

For personal growth this year is to do some self-care; love myself, be in control of my actions and decisions, and be more patience. As for health, I like to drop the scale number down and be more health and fit for this year. Definitely have a few places in mind to travel for this year. However, that will be determine through my finance area if I can afford to make that kind of traveling this year since I plan to save more and spend less. I also likes to read more than I did last year. I was not able to meet my reading goal last year and it probably due to being unmotivated or laziness. I have a few more books to finish up from last year and looking forward to read some new books for new ideas, new knowledge and new creativity as well as self-explore for personal growth.

Health & Fitness:

Each year, weight lost is always on the list for mostly everyone but one of the most challenging resolution to accomplish. I have a set goal I want to arrived by November and definitely will do my best to get there.


I start of this year with a new job as an data entry. I’m glad to be at the new job because it is a stepping stone to where I would wants to be in the next few years.The organization did not give me enough hours throughout the week, I feel the needs for an second job or internship. As mentioned above that I will be done with my bachelor soon and with the way the economy is, I likes to put myself on the right path and work an internship to allow me some experiences as well as skills.


I want to be able to save more and spend less. Everyone has a spending habits on nonsense stuffs and I am one of them. Sometime I wonder where my earning income went to because I see nothing at hand. My plan this year is to limited myself on spending especially on eating out, and random purchase of anything. I also have quite a few side businesses going on last year and will continues to keep them open and running this year to bring in revenue in order to allow myself to save and travel a little more.

These are the main resolutions for 2014 that I likes to focus on to allow myself to become a better being as well as a better woman. So what’s your’s resolutions? Please do share. Until next time, Happy New Year and take care of yourself and those you love!


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