Fruits Carving: Center Piece

Fruits Carving is my side business. If you are interested and looking for something extraordinary beautiful to add to your special occasion, please check out my “Fruits Carving” section tab to find more details.

I carve this watermelon with flowers a for a grandpa’s “hu pli” ceremony event back in November already; order by one of my aunty. It is definitely a challenge for me because watermelon was no where to be found since the fruits is not in season. I was able to manage and located a few watermelons at an Asian store near my house.

Just a FYI, if you are looking for watermelons, the season is between late March and late October. However, watermelons are quite expensive during the month of March, April and late September and October as we all know there isn’t many to be purchase anywhere. Your chance of getting a good price for watermelons is May, June, July and August where fruits is in season. This goes pretty much for most of the fruits that are seasonal fruits like peach, cherry, grapes, just to name a few. I hope this help those of you who might needs the info.

I’m excited to work for more clients and events this year. Until we meet again, take care of yourself and those you love. Have a bless new year!


Center Piece “Hu Plig” Ceremony
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2 thoughts on “Fruits Carving: Center Piece

  1. Where are you located? I’m from the twin cities. If you are in the twin cities, are you available to carve 2 watermelons for a wedding in august 30? Let me know. Thanks.

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