One Day

ImageAs today come to an end and I’m here thinking about myself, my past and my future, I don’t know if I should feel depress, lonely or thankful. There is this saying, you must fall in love and witness how love is before you die. And it is true! It is beautiful to be in love; or to know you have love someone or have deep emotions for someone.

About a year ago, I finally got the opportunity to spend valentine’s day with someone special. It was the first time in my 28 years of life that I actually got to spend with a man on VDAY. I gotta said, it was beautiful !!! — to have someone on VDAY. However, it is okay too without someone on VDAY as well.

In two days, it woulda mark one year of dating him. Unfortunately, it is not what I expect or have plan. Reflecting on the 8 months journey I have spend with him was truly beautiful. As I am alone this very day, I take the time to be grateful of the past and plan for the future. I am not sad because of the past did not turn out how I had envision to be. I thank you for such a great experience, for that I know how strong I can be.

If you have been hurts like I have, know that you are not alone! One day, someone is going to hug you so tight that all of yours broken pieces will stick back together!!!

Being single on VDAY is very special because you are a strong soul. You will be okay with or without that special someone. You are completed. You are whole. You are contented. You are everything that you set yourself to be. You welcome the addition, and not the completion.

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who have someone special to share with. And Happy Single Awareness Day to us single individual for being so awesome!


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