True Love

Frozen_castposterJust finish watching “Frozen” Disney movie. Although it is a kid movie, it is quit enjoyable. It show the strength of Anna and Elsa. I think that it’s a great movie to influence young girls to think positive and never let anything stop them from achieving what their heart desire.

The most fascinating part to me is at the end of the movie where Anna was unfrozen due to true love; an act of true love. Anna thought that a kiss of true love will set her unfrozen and rush herself back to the castle to see Hans. Come to realize that Hans was a jerk and then rush herself to Kristoff for a kiss of true love. Instead she act out of her true love for Elsa; sacrifice herself to save Elsa from Hans.

In society standard or the way we always see — is — true love is always been done by an act of a man to a woman. In this Disney movie, it show that true love can happen from one to other regardless the gender. Anna’s act of true love for her older sister Elisa set her free from being frozen. It is a powerful message send by Frozen Disney movie. I hope that parents were able to grasp that and share with their little kids.

To watch full version of “Frozen”  free online, click here.


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