Forgive & Forget

“How do you forgive n forget so you can be at peace?”

I asked this question on my facebook status and quite a few people response below with their thoughts. So really, how do you forgive and forget? I always have a difficulty of forgetting what people have done to me in the past. So I put this question out there to get ideas how I can better myself from the past. Like many said, to be at peace we must be able to do both. I want to be able to do both so I can overcome my pains, my thought and be at ease with my past, present and future. Comment below with your strategy, I love to hear from you.

Pang~ I think I can forgive, but not forget. But yet, it depends on the circumstance.

Wayne ~ It’s a lot easier when you know you’ve been forgiven of something much greater?

Pheng ~ You don’t just continue living and learning and on…

Elodie ~ Forgiving is easier than forgetting. Easiest way is to let go of it and move on. Leave it all behind

Chan ~ If you dont let go and forgive, you are the one that is dealing with the frustration, the other person goes on not even know how you are feeling so let it go and focus on the future.

Huab ~ Depending on the situation. There are some things you can’t forgive and forget. You learn to lock the pain away and learn a lesson. For the things you can forgive, do so and live free.

Mai ~ Time is all you need

Rock ~ By forgetting. Lol. Seasons change, people don’t.


Teresa ~ NO SUCH THING—-not even one or the other…LOL

Leng ~ Forget and forgive is something you either brought up with or born with. After all, Time heals everything.

Mindii ~ unforgiveness is like taking Poisson, hoping the other person dies, but the truth is they move on and you are dying from the bitterness of unforegiveness. I thank God that he taught me how to forgive all who have hurt me. It starts with accepting things for what they are. You are not in control, they are not perfect they are human, let go of your own expectations of what they should of done.

Last but not least, let go!!! It’s like a thumb tack between your finger, stop hang on to it, no one can make you feel anything unless you give them permission.

Forgive yourself 1st.

In the name of Jesus, Lord I bind up any and every wound in her heart, set here free Lord from the spirit of unforegiveness hurt, pain, offense, sorrow. I stand on your words of promise that you came to heal the broken hearted, you came to set the captive free, you came to give the broken freedom. Heal her spirit, soul and body for your glory. I Jesus name Amen!

Forgiving sets you free, I know 1st hand, I had to and when I did, it allowed all the good things to come into my life.

Chan ~ yes shift your thoughts and your heart to a positive state and love on that person…she or he may be hurting…hurting people hurt other people. Bless them..say good things about them…soon the pain will melt away. If you hurt someone would you want them to forgive you?


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