What Is True Love?


“What is true love? Have you found it yet? What it’s like?”

I have falling in love for the very first a time and went through the break up to makes me asked the above question? The love and pain was indescribable. I am curious to know what is true love like when your significant other love you. I wants to know how other experience it and what does a true love feel like? As I think back through my past relationship with the ex, I cannot said he does not have true love for me nor that I don’t have true love for him. My feeling for him was genuine and love. A love that so deep, it hurts when I think about him and me; how two very good people was not able to work out our differences. Or maybe it isn’t really true love? Can it be the very reason why we were not able to put up with each others to overcome the many bumps that test our strength?

Here are a few experiences and thoughts my facebook friends share with me:

Say said “I’m trying to describe it in my head but at this point I think it’s indescribable lol. Yikes for once I’m speechless lol.”

Misses Song said, “haha…true love..if there such a thing. .u can’t find it..u have to feel it…it’s hard to explained. ..like a connection with chemistry.”

Huab said, “True love is like butterflies in your belly. It’s like an unwrapped present. It’s like a jolt when you get surprised. It’s like how your belly dips when you ride a roller coaster. It’s like when your heart beats after running a marathon. It’s when you sleep deeply. It’s all that and more.”

Choua said, “When you are at your worst and yet they still love you anyway.”

Wayne said, “Do you mean true love or true Love? I’ve found out that you can have true love but it is not always true unless you’ve found true Love…One gives you the fuzzy feeling in your stomach while the other keeps you standing even though the one dearest to you just slammed you…”

Mik said, “Cuag npaum nam India sib hlub mas (Just like Bollywood India love movie)…jk…true love just is. There’s not much that can be explained or describe how and when you know it is true love or the right love. It just is. And when you are in one, you will know based on how different and great you feel from your past wannabe love. Ooh! And i must add, you feel a sense of peace too. Peace, love, support and sooooo much more.”

Nancy said, “All the guys I’ve ever dated or liked had always had some thing about them that I wouldn’t like and it would be something so small but I would make it a big deal but when I met my husband I couldn’t find any faults that made me feel negative. Our dating relationship was so relax, we accepted each others career, friends, family and how we spent our free time. We lived in different cities so we spent just a healthy amount of time together and we were always on the same page. We never felt like we had to be better than who we are for each other. Of course it was not always rainbows and sunshine. We had our differences once we had our daughter and we grown older and wanted to make our own choices for ourselves. Still, there is no one else I will ever want to go through the good or bad with but him and that is how I know he is the one.”

DV said, “When it’s fun to go open mail together.”

MaiYee said, “I’m not sure about true love but love is when you wake up in the morning and find your outfit of the day nicely ironed and laid out. Love is when you are sick and cant get up to find water, and you find a bottle of water and an “Advil” on your bed stand although Advil is not exactly the right medicine. Love isn’t always about being romantic, saying the right words, or even being on the same page. Love is about having someone who you can share the same dreams and goals with, and doesn’t necessary have to like him/her at all times.”

So what’s it like for you, True Love? Have you experience it? Share your experience and thoughts so when I or others arrived at the moment of opportunity, we know that it is true love from our significant others so we can embrace in the moment and for the moment.


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