Vim Muaj Koj

Wish you were here to share a part of my world with. You were the greatest. I miss those nights when I told you about my concerns, my problems and worries. You always know what to say to ease me. You always take your time with me, to guide me, and love me even when I give you such a difficult time. Your warm love, laughter and voice always light up the room and bring comfort to those who known you. Your compassion towards others was tender and kind. Regardless of what you been through, you always look at the positive of the situation and embrace it with love. Your wisdom influence me to understand and see life different and beyond my peers. Everything that you are, live through me! Wherever you are, I know you are my heart and soul; you are my breath, you are the skins on me, you are the laughter in me, you are the hair on my head, you are the words that I spoke, you are the kindness and love I embrace onto others, you are every little inches of me. Dreams are the closest I can get to you; see your smile, hear your voice, smell your sense, and hug you. No matter where I go or whom I will become, not a day you will be forgotten. I hope to be half as great of a person, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a friend as you are. MOM, I love you!


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