Love Quotes | Wiang Roy Dao


Wiang Roy Dao

Wiang Roy Dao ( Thai Lakorn)


I finished watching Wiang Roy Dao last week and  it was a movie of love, hates and revenge as well as forgiveness. I had written a few love quotes or wisdom words down from the movie. The quotes were spoken from the Actor’s aunt.

I quoted them because “LOVE’ is such an incredible thing in the human life and there are so many endlessly lesson to learn. The aunt’s words were wisdom to my ear and I just have to have it down to served as a simple reminder to me.

“Love is between two people. If our hearts tell us that we love them for real, then we don’t need to be afraid of what other people will think. “ ~  Khun Chai’s Aunty  from Wiang Roy Dao, Thai Lakorn

“Love has no boundaries. No ethnics, no social classes. No races, no status. If you think of loving someone, you must forget about all the conditions. And be truthful to your own heart.”

“Someone you miss when you don’t see her. Or when she’s with someone else, it hurts in your heart. That person is the right one.”

“Marriage life is being together with understanding between two people. Not enduring each other.”


To watch the full lakorn with English Sub “Wiang Roy Dao





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